Salted caramel brownies
Proudly supporting mental health SAMH Scotland - chocolate brownies

Why Mental Health?

Mental health is a major public health challenge that so many of us are familiar with, yet, it still faces massive underfunding. In Scotland, an astounding 1 in 3 people suffer from mental illness at some point in their lifetime. Worringly, these issues become even more acute in more deprived areas. It is our job to change this! 


Having a first-hand understanding of the burden mental health issues can bear, it is more important than ever to influence positive social change and pay mental health the attention it desrves. 


SAMH provides crucial support to people of all ages across Scotland, but it couldn't do it without the generosity of the Scottish public. Please join us in supporting this amazing cause. Mental health matters.

About Us

Based in Tibbermore, Perthshire, we combine a love for home baking with a desire to spread kindness and support Scotland's mental health charity, SAMH. Seeking to increase awareness and put an end to mental health stigma, a large portion of our profits go directly to SAMH. 


With weekly changing special flavours, our deluxe brownies are made from the best ingredients and sustainably packaged and posted UK-wide or delivered to your door within Perth.


Orders are delivered safely, complying with social distancing requirements, every Wednesday - click here to find out more. 

Welcome to Love Bakes...

Authentic, homemade brownies delivered straight to your door. Proudly supporting SAMH -Scotland's mental health charity.